Mobile & Portable Wheel Lathes 1AK200

RUSSO-BALT KG is manufacturer of patented mobile/portable
1AK200 wheel lathes for re-turning/reprofiling railcar and locomotive wheels on the spot.
1AK200, 1AK200 ZIP, 1AK200 COMPACT
1AK200 TURBO, 1AK200 CNC

Video on how a mobile wheel lathe 1AK200 for railroad cars works

Mobile railway wheel lathe 1AK200

1AK200 Mobile & Portable Wheel Lathes Price List 2022 PDF


Prices EXW Narva or FOB Tallinn, Estonia, valid from 1.01.2022 to 31.12.2022

1. Mobile wheel lathe 1AK200 for wagon wheels 35200.00 EUR
2. Locomotive wheel lathe 1AK200 ZIP 19200.00 EUR
3. Universal portable wheel lathe 1AK200 COMPACT 19800.00 EUR
4. Universal portable wheel lathe 1AK200 COMPACT with wheelset rotation unit WRD-380 34200.00 EUR
5. Portable wheel lathe 1AK200 TURBO for some wear, sharp flanges, shelling, cracks, and flat spots removal. 15200.00 EUR
6. Portable wheel lathe 1AK200 CNC with wheel rotation unit (time of manufacturing 4 months) 92200.00 EUR
7. Wheels rotation unit WRD-380 for locomotive or wagon wheels 14200.00 EUR
8. Mobile wheel lathe 1AK200 COMPLETE (include 1AK200 lathe for wagon wheels with wheels rotation unit, universal portable wheel lathe 1AK200 COMPACT, portable wheel lathe 1AK200 TURBO, plus wheel rotation unit for locomotive wheelset, contains only one universal machining module for all lathes) 42200.00 EUR

Manufacturing time FOB Tallinn or Narva, Estonia - 3 months after payment.
Payment 50% advance upon order placement and 50% in 2 weeks before shipment.
Delivery by DHL sea, air or ground worldwide.

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